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Why LAUNCH is right for you RIGHT NOW!

The world changed leaving so many out of work, without income or having to pivot. This lack of stability left so many with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and fear of the future. The time has never been more important to LAUNCH and create your own outcome! LAUNCH provides you the opportunity build your own financial stability. When you launch EVERYTHING CHANGES! Your life changes, how you see the world changes, your ability to overcome obstacles changes. YOU CHANGE!

  • If you suffer from a lack of income, inconsistent sales, a drop in revenue, but you have passion and are willing to work - LAUNCH is for you!

  • You do NOT need a business degree, experience or lots of money! You'll be guided every step of the way to create your launch and bring it to market.

  • HIGHLY PROVEN step-by-step system that has been tested and used by dozens of entrepreneurs like you to create the business of their dreams!

  • Go from being stressed out and overwhelmed to having clarity and mastery in your business growth!

  • The best time to LAUNCH was yesterday, second best time is RIGHT NOW!


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Create Your LAUNCH in Less Than 8 Weeks!

Whether this is your side hustle or your new career, this 8-week virtual masterclass will provide you the crucial elements vital to the success of your launch. The tools in this course have helped dozens of entrepreneurs grow and scale their business! We will guide you from the initial ideation to brand creation to bringing your product or service to market and beyond! Simple put - LAUNCH WORKS! Take the step to start generating income now!

Who should LAUNCH?

Whether you’re a solopreneur, influencer, freelancer, side hustler, business owner, entrepreneur... LAUNCH is for YOU!


    Online businesses, personal trainers, business coaches, consultants, life coaches and more who have their own thing and are looking to scale or want to start their own thing!


    Podcasters, bloggers, authors, social media influencers, teachers, presenters, event hosts, affiliate marketers and ambassadors looking to monetize their messages!


    Photographers, artists, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters and more who have always traded their time for money and are looking to create a new income stream!

What stopped you before WON'T STOP YOU NOW!

It’s time to LET GO of the fear and insecurity that is not serving you! It’s time to INVEST in guidance and support, so others can confidently invest in you. It’s time to LAUNCH, because you have massive impact to make.The tested and proven framework of LAUNCH guides you from ideation to entering the market and beyond. The module lessons, work assignments and live coaching creates the supportive platform for your lift off! You will not simply be empowered, you will have actual proof that you have the ability to make things happen. LAUNCH gives you the power to create your future, step by step and day by day. Mark it in your calendar. Commit now. YOU WILL LAUNCH!

What You'll Get

  • Step By Step Plan

    Our framework has been tested by dozens of entrepreneurs who successfully created their own launches. You will be guided every step of the way to provide you with the needed clarity and confidence!

  • Fast Track to Income

    The program will guide you to create income quickly with your launch while simultaneously guiding you to develop a plan for scalability and long-lasting profit.

  • Live Coaching

    Get exclusive access to live coaching from James and Kelly Patrick to provide you with additional insights, clarity and support to move forward confidently!

  • Video Trainings

    Access a series of video trainings, workbooks, and tutorials to provide you with the information, tools and resources needed to launch.

  • Community Support

    You don't have to do it alone! Launch alongside the ongoing support of our coaches as well as other entrepreneurs going through the program with you.


"It all started with LAUNCH!"

Dra. Oemil Rodriguez, 2019 FITpreneur of the Year

"Launch empowered me to create the foundation of my entire business that I have been growing ever since! I now own my own nutrition clinic, hosted the first international Powerhouse Women's event and have spoken on stages in front of hundreds! It all started with Launch!"

"I was understood and have an army of support!"

Dana Bujalski, Personal Chef

"Launch has not only helped me think outfit of the box as an in-home personal chef to building online programs to help educate my audience on how to cook. In addition, it has given me an outlet to work with like-minded entrepreneurs in this industry! I was understood and have an army of support and inspiration by so many! Launch gave me the biggest step forward!"

"James and Kelly thought of EVERYTHING!"

Gina Fata, Creator, Alignment Journal

"Launch is such a well put together program! James and Kelly thought of everything. The systematic and streamlined approach takes the guess work out and gets you clear on the tactical ways to bring your Launch to fruition!"

"LAUNCH turned my passion into my profession!"

Denise Black, Internationally Published Makeup Artist

Becoming a professional makeup artist was just a dream I had but I honestly had no idea where to start. After going through Launch I was able to create my business which I am still growing to this day. The program allowed me to turn my passion into my profession!"

"You will not find better coaches!"

Jason Black, Founder, Agstract Apparel

"From the growth of my photography business, to the creation of my online art gallery to the launch of my athletic apparel line - I have relied on James and Kelly Patrick for their support, guidance and leadership. You will not find better coaches!"

"LAUNCH gave me the confidence and the tools to create my success!"

Kierston Mills, ACE CPT & Entrepreneur

"When I first joined LAUNCH I had no idea how far I could eventually take my business. What started with selling e-books turned into an online brand helping women live their dream lives mentally, physically, and spiritually! LAUNCH gave me the confidence and the tools to create my success!"

"I went in with just an idea and left with my brand created!"

Helen Fritsch, Host, Age is Irrelevant Podcast

"I have been working with James and Kelly Patrick for years including being a part of LAUNCH! I went into the program with just an idea and left with my brand created!"

"James and Kelly Patrick are right by your side as you navigate unknown territory and establish your brand and your business!"

Brooke Caldwell

"I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Launch. James and Kelly Patrick are right by your side as you navigate unknown territory and establish your brand and your business. With their knowledge and expertise, I was able to make my own mark in the fitness industry and learn how to build a business from the ground up! James and Kelly make a great team and even better mentors. I look forward to working with them again!"

"Since joining LAUNCH my success and happiness with my career has skyrocketed and it keeps getting better!"

Stephanie Jacobs

"I needed a clearly defined plan to feel more comfortable moving forward in launching my own business and LAUNCH provided the step-by-step order to launch my vision to guarantee my success! Each week I learned more and more and felt more confident with taking that next leap of faith. The support that the LAUNCH team provided made me feel like family. They 100 percent believed in me and my vision and provided me the support and business education I needed. Following the steps that LAUNCH provided, I saw a significant increase in leads and inquiries on all my platforms that led to paying clients and a steady income! Since joining LAUNCH my success and happiness with my career has skyrocketed and it keeps getting better! I am always going up from here with what I learned in LAUNCH!"

Your Official LAUNCH Plan

Our tested and proven framework guide includes:

Turn your passions into the idea you want to create.
Develop the framework and mission of your brand.
Identify your client avatar who your brand is for.
Build out the elements of your business to prepare for launch.
Create the marketing plan for the momentum you need.
Finalize all the components going into your launch.
You officially go to market with your brand!
We don't stop at the launch. Now it is time to scale even further!


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Successful launches from entrepreneurs LIKE YOU who have gone through launch!

Bonus Material!

Included with launch, you will get access to:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session with James Patrick

    Members of Launch get a FREE live 1-on-1 coaching session with founder James Patrick, a $1500 value included!

  • Downloadable Guides

    Get access to templates to help you create your budget, project board, business plan, media strategy, quarterly planning guide and more!

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Members of LAUNCH will get exclusive discounts including photo shoots, graphic and web design as well as 2 free months in our FITposiumPLUS membership platform!

Your LAUNCH Guides

Founder, FITposium

James Patrick

James Patrick is an internationally published photographer, best selling author, entrepreneur coach and founder of the FITposium conference and online education network.

Founder, Get Amped Mastermind

Kelly Patrick

Kelly Patrick, LCSW is a licensed therapist and mental health professional skilled and helping entrepreneurs break through their limiting self beliefs to create a path to true financial success!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If after 30 days you don't feel LAUNCH provided you with the information, tools, resources and connections to help you create your success - we will give you your money back!

LAUNCH Investment Options

Sign up to get the 1-on-1 coaching session with James Patrick included! Select one of two options to invest in yourself and your future! Think of all the time you’ll actually save having a clear path to exponentially grow your business in just 8 weeks!

Final Thoughts

We know how hard it is to invest money in yourself and on your future, especially when you are feeling uncertainty!

An investment that gives you a return costs you nothing. Stepping into LAUNCH will give you a return and you can invest confidently with our Money Back promise! Our past LAUNCH members have said, over and over, how invaluable the program is! The materials we teach in LAUNCH took us over a decade to bring together. We don't want you to have to wait that long to accelerate your trajectory! You deserve to feel GOOD about your work, you deserve confidence and your potential deserves to be nurtured and supported! We cannot wait to celebrate your success with you!